Important Minerals and Vitamins to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Just like for your own body, you want your afghan hound to be healthy

and strong. And just like you, a lot of this depends on the foods,

vitamins, and minerals your dog intakes. If you are wondering which

ones serve which purpose, I have gathered that information for you.

Vitamin B-12

Promotes cell development and growth

Vitamins A and E

Contain essential antioxidants for fighting diseases, slowing the aging

process, and helping with maintaining a healthy weight. In addition,

vitamins A and E are important for healthy eyes and skin.


As with humans, iron helps with keeping blood flowing properly.


Important for a healthy heart

Vitamin C

As with humans, dogs benefits include improving the immune system,

fights sickness, and promotes healing


Similar to humans, it strengthens the bones and teeth


When taken with calcium, it helps with cell energy and bone structure


Helps monitor the pressure inside and outside the cells; it also

regulates water intake by making your dog thirsty

Most of these vitamins and minerals can be found in a good-quality

dog food. Just like people check labels for ingredients, pet owners

should do the same for dog food. Furthermore, any animal-by-product

is a good choice for important minerals and vitamins. If pet owners

feed their dogs a well-balanced diet, vitamin supplements will not be


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